Parents and respect

Some Nigerian parents and adults literally live, breath and eat respect. Some can die when disrespected like Datak Tarr in  the defiance series.

Most of all I’ll write is based on my Yoruba point of view.
The respect now is on another level because you can’t even live a proper life without messing up

1) Greeting:
A bow is essential in some cultures while greeting. The adults don’t even want to know if you are driving  and would hit your head on the steering. I really pity the yoruba children born in the 70’s . They’ll have probably prostrated a million times before turning 20.

2) Get up
I know this is probably done in cultures around the world. When a young person is seated and an elderly person comes along, the younger person would get up for the elder person to sit.
” Ma/Sir my butt hurts find some other young people to bully with your old age”

3) The right hand
I was in secondary school and wanted to give a teacher a textbook. I stretched my left hand with the textbook in it. The teacher looked at me angrily and didn’t collect the textbook till I used my right hand.
In my mind I was like ” I’m sorry ma, it was God that made a mistake, he was meant to create us with only right hands”

4) Continue
This happens in many homes in Nigeria when a parent is doing a chore and expects you to finish up what he/she started without even saying a word and just stares at you in a funny way.
“Mummy I don’t have telepathic powers, I am not superman”

5) ATM queue
It is so easy to fall for the tricks old people use at atm queues. They would come and be looking like they are tired so they can withdraw money quickly because they cannot stand under the burning Babcock university sun. “Mr Old man/woman, you probably slept for more than eight hours last night while I was texting bae reading all night long.
It gets annoying when the security man allows the old person withdraw out of respect.

This doesn’t really relate to respect but

Dear parents
When you child raises his hand  to cover his face/body  when you are slapping/beating him , He doesn’t want to beat you or fight. We don’t want you to use  IGBATI, IFOTI, IGBAJU(cheek slap), IGBARUN, IFORUN(Neck slap), IFAKUN(Stomach slap), ILADI (Buttock slap), ABARA (Random back slap)  to destroy our faces and bodies.


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