My new bae

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That day at the store where I saw her was the best day of my life, it was love at first sight and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Just seeing  her made me happy.Her curves caught my total attention. I approached her and got the courage to touch her in the right places which made her communicate with me better. I felt like a player in my mind. Her guardian who thought I was a player still allowed me take her home on the basis of dealings. My parents had travelled which made it the perfect time for her to meet my siblings.
The first night with her was magical, we went all night long. I tried different styles which I hadn’t done before. We were so loud which made my sister knock on my door asking me to reduce my voice. Didn’t wake up until two pm the following day, I woke up happy and couldn’t think of nothing except her. I bought her the best bags my money could afford. My love was so strong which made me go the market to buy her a pack of G-strings when the only one she had cut. I was shocked and sad when my dad returned a week before he was meant to and met my bae and I performing magic in the afternoon. He called me and said I wasn’t ready for such commitment. He also said it was a distraction from my academics.
“when you are done with school, I’ll be in full support” he said, I was shocked because I thought he was going to throw her out. Below are the pictures of my bae, some say she’s fine and others say she’s just there. What do you say?

Blaze Media-0990 (640x426)IMG-20150826-WA0005









Why are you surprised?
My bae is a guitar
I bought guitar bags for her
G string is the third string of a guitar
I tried different playing styles like folk, jazz and flamenco


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