So my story didn’t start today, it started years ago, anyway when I was in primary school I was like no other, I was special in a stupid way if I may say.

I was that short boy on the basketball team. (YES ME!!!).My school was a small school in Lagos which had a little fame in the place where it was located.

On that fateful Tuesday, we set out in our coaster sorry Hiace bus to Chrisland; I mean we were all little; we could probably fit into a can of sardines. When we got there, the first thing I saw were dogs bigger than I was. I mean these dogs were enormous but who they were kidding, six bullets to each dog could get it six feet below. The dogs were in a cage at the entrance which was quite surprising, the team I was in got into the school, I wouldn’t have called it my team because I was being discriminated because of my very small stature which I didn’t like, I don’t think anybody would have liked that.

It was time to play; we were all feeling good like grains of rice which just escaped from the washing bowl. To my utmost surprise, I saw gigantic men coming out in sportswear to play basketball, then I quickly whispered to my fellow small stature discriminated basketball player on the team, Somi, if we were in Chrisland to see tall Iroko trees or play basketball, then he giggled and looked away, after a few minutes of introduction done by both teams, the game began. Chrisland started by dropping the ball into our net through a layup, these people spelt my school’s name, head master’s name, proprietor’s name.(they probably could have spelt all our names on the team).We made our first points and I felt they just allowed us out of pity.

The situation then saddened when drops of water started falling on our heads, at first we thought it was just drizzling and was going go away but it didn’t, the game stopped and we all held hands and started singing a song

“Rain rain go away

Come again another day

Little children want to play”

HELL NO!!!! We didn’t do that, even if we did, the rain would have increased because they were lying, they were old men in little children’s bodies. The game continued on the smooth frictionless basketball court. At least if we knew rain was going to fall, we would have had raincoats with umbrella hats on to play the game. I was not in the game to begin with, I was waiting outside patiently for a teammate to get injured so I could touch the ball, suddenly the miracle happened, a teammate could no longer play, then I was asked to enter the rain to continue on his behalf, then I jumped into the court like a gladiator in Spartacus who was going into the arena to kill Batiatus. Thinking I was going to make a difference was what was on my mind but sadly the opposite happened, didn’t play up to five minutes before the coach shouted my name for me to GET OUT!! It was quite shocking and painful like when a nurse tells you she’s giving you two injections at once, this is a technique where the nurse injects your bum with a needle and then empties the content in the syringe, then takes only the syringe out with the needle in your bum, puts another syringe then empties it.WOW!! So painful. Few minutes after I left the court, the game was over and we lost, they had seventy-two points while we had twelve points.

I was quite happy because we lost and the coach didn’t allow me to play for long, which made me not feel guilty of my incompetence against the other school. When we got back to our school in the white Toyota Hiace bus, we separated like salt in a pot of beans; do you cook beans with salt? I dunno. That day wasn’t talked about in my school because of the unfortunate experience, anytime I passed Chrisland I always thought of Iroko trees.


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